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Claudi Martinez is a Music Producer and Composer from Barcelona. He's also the Creative Director of Karpa Records, his own Independent Music Label, and a founding member of Temple of Time.

He  composes music for Videogames, Film and TV, and helps other artists and musicians to boost and launch their music and careers. He is very influenced by 60s and 70s Rock Classics, and also by Electronic, Classical, Jazz and Folk music.

He went to several music institutions, such as "Taller de Músics", "L'aula de Música Moderna i Jazz" (regulated by Berklee), and he's pursuing his BMus Degree in Music Production at the "LCCM, London Centre of Contemporary Music", in London.

KARPA RECORDs - Indie music label

"Karpa Records is an Independent Music Label based in London.

It was born in 2016, as a reaction to what we thought was not right within the music industry these days. We saw great musicians around us struggling to survive, rivalling with acts created to sell, to consume, and ultimately, to be forgotten. As a collective, we have always been surrounded by really talented individuals and bands, which have great music, astonishing poetry, but which could not fight against big corporations promoting their product through the seven seas. Our mission is to bring back good music and art to your ears, eyes and soul. We do this by producing, branding, advising and promoting the acts we strongly feel the world should listen to."